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Made by Marte Sørebø Gulliksen,
Professor in Culture education and aesthetic practice, University of
Southeastern Norway, Department of visual and performing arts education.

ThePurkinje Seriesis a series ofbowls made by
Gulliksen in the period 2015 (Purkinje #1) to 2018 (Purkinje #2-5). The
material isaspen wood, harvested fromtrees felled at her family’s
small farm Guvihaug in Sauherad,
Telemark, Norway. The bowls are
carved in Notodden and Oslo, Norway. From
timber to finished bowl, only hand tools are used.

bowls has a cut finish. They are sealed with sanding
sealer and white pigmented wax. The bowls themselves aredecorated with
metal leafs. This presentation features four bowls:

Purkinje #2: 46cm x 17cm x 6cm

Purkinje #3: 44cm x 12cm x 6cm

Purkinje #4: 88cm x 19cm x 7cm

Purkinje #5: 38cm x 11cm x 5cm

Scroll down for more images. IPR belongs to Marte S. Gulliksen.

Carving and visualizing

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